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The goal of the School-to-Career program at Camden Hills Regional High School is to assist students in making appropriate choices and plans for their education/career paths after high school and to enhance all students’ success as responsible citizens in the community. A central part of this program is the Cooperative Education program.

Cooperative Education is a unique educational strategy that combines on-the-job working and learning experiences with career-exploration. It involves a cooperative arrangement between parents, school, employer, and student. The philosophy of cooperative education recognizes that classroom learning provides only part of the skills and knowledge students will need to succeed in their professions or careers. Workplace experiences help students develop and refine the occupational competencies (attitudes, skills, and knowledge) needed to enter and succeed in a profession or career.


Work Requirements for Cooperative Education:
High school juniors and seniors, who are at least 16 years old, are eligible to participate in this program. Students entering the program are expected to do so with a job. While participating in cooperative work experiences, students are paid employees of the hiring organization. Ideally, students’ work assignments and areas of responsibility will broaden as they gain experience on the job. Although work hours may vary from week to week, each student generally works 10 hours per week for a total of 300 hours during the school year. Students may receive up to 1 credit for occupational training and on-the-job experience. Partial credit and impact on grade due to lack of work hours on a job site will be handled individually between the instructor and the student. First-year Cooperative Education students are required to concurrently enroll in a yearlong career exploration class.

Career Preparation and Research Class:
The Career Prep and Research class is designed to help students understand the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for future success, regardless of the educational path taken after high school. High school juniors and seniors are eligible to enroll in the Career Prep and Research Class and earn 1 credit for completion of the class.

Topics covered by the career exploration class include:

  • Interpersonal skill development
  • Knowledge of job safety and Maine Labor law
  • Personal finance& management skills
  • Self-evaluation through a variety of career assessments
  • Career research, including information interviewing and/or job shadowing
  • Job seeking/keeping skills
  • Career planning
  • Development of career/education portfolio



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