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Gears, nuts, bolts, screws form the basis of machines, and the Machine Shop program is designed to teach students how to use and make parts.  Students experience that Machine Shop is the heart of manufacturingThey learn how to use tools and machines to shape, create and form metal into functioning pieces of machinery. The course also prepares students for post secondary education or to directly enter the work force. In Maine, the average salary for a machinist is $52,000.

Articulation Agreements

Central Maine Community College

Northern Maine Community College

Southern Maine Community College – 4 Credits

Kennebec Maine Community College

Dual Enrollment Agreement

Central Maine Community College – 4 Credits



Projects:  Students will turn a multiple diameter part, screw jack, fly cutter, and a ball peen hammer. On the mill they will make a drill jig, tapping plate, “V” blocks; projects can also include students’ personal projects and projects from other vocational areas in the school. 

Class work:  Includes math assignments, blue print reading, theory using the textbook and an online program known as Tooling U 

Technology:  Using the Internet for research, students will browse machine tool web sites looking for articles and topics pertaining to machine tool.

Career Prep:  Along with class work, first year students will complete a personal statement & resume, second year students will complete work sample summaries; as part of the process of completing a professional portfolio.

Professional Attributes: Students will be evaluated on their ability to act as a manufacturing professional, attend class, staying on task in the shop, and work ethic.

Tests: At the end of each chapter in the theory textbook, there will be a chapter quiz (open book). At the end of each semester there will be an exam on what was learned in that semester. 



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This course meets Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, and Fri.


This course is held at Mid-Coast School of Technology .