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Marine Technology prepares the student for a successful career in the marine industry. Boatbuilding basics include both traditional and modern construction techniques from woodworking to resin infusion. The program focuses on providing a clear understanding of the boatbuilding process. Strong emphasis is placed on modern materials, methods, and techniques. Special priority is given to safety, safe work habits, and proper personal protection. Students are encouraged to build or repair a vessel of their own.


Course Expectations

  • Projects: Produce a Banks Dory half-model and larger models; construct, repair, restore, or refurbish various vessels and/or marine related equipment such as lobster tanks, bait boxes, or fuel tanks. Students are encouraged to work on projects of their own when feasible and appropriate.
  • Class work: Students will be asked to complete math assignments, plan reading, theory lectures on marine nomenclature, the boat building process, lofting, marine mechanical systems (e.g., propulsion systems, 4-stroke engines, diesel engines, fuel systems, steering systems, tankage, electrical systems, ventilation systems, etc.), marine finishing, marlinespike seamanship, basic business operation.
  • Technology: Using the Internet for research, students will browse marine related web sites looking for articles and topics pertaining to Marine Technology.
  • Career Prep: In addition to class work, first year students will complete a personal statement, letter of application and a resume. Second year students will complete work sample summaries; as part of the process of completing a professional portfolio.
  • Professional Attributes: Students will be evaluated on their ability to act as a marine industry professional, attend class, remain on task in the shop, and work ethic.
  • Tests: At the end of each theory section, there will be a quiz (open notes). The student can also expect a mid-term and final exam.



This course meets Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, and Fri.


This course is held at Mid-Coast School of Technology .