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The Career Preparation content standards are interdisciplinary and met through activities conducted in other content areas and through individual student directed activities. MVHS Cooperative Education classes help students prepare to demonstrate proficiency of many of the Career Prep content standards. Student generated portfolios will additionally guide all students through a process that will document their competency in this content area.


Recommended year: grades 11 – 12
Full Year: 2 credits
First year students (grades 11 or 12) must be enrolled in (and successfully complete) CO-OP Related Instruction and CO-OP Work Component, working approximately 15 hours per week to receive 2 credits for the year. Second year students (grade 12) must be enrolled in CO-OP Work Component, working approximately 15 hours per week. Second year students must meet with the instructor every 4 weeks by appointment throughout the school year. This independent study program provides the opportunity for juniors and seniors to receive credit for paid on-the- job work experience.

CO-OP Related Instruction
This related instruction is conducted in an independent study format with one weekly before school (7 A.M.) meeting. Related instruction helps students understand the complex nature of business and industry and what is required of them to enter and succeed in the career of their choice. Emphasis is on helping all students achieve a written plan for after high school that will include some form of continuing education and/or training. The development of the Career Development Portfolio is a major focus of the class.

CO-OP Work Component
A State of Maine Cooperative Education Agreement between the parent, student, school, and employer is completed at the beginning of the school year. The cooperative agreement helps enhance work ethic, and helps in the student's development of specific competency training skills on the job site. Students must have a job when they enter the program and work an average of 15 hours a week for the entire school year to earn full credit. They must provide their own transportation to and from work and to the before-school meetings, and they must meet all requirements set by the school and the employer. Grading is based in part on employer's quarterly evaluation.

Pre-Apprenticeship Program
1-3 credits; requires counselor recommendation; approval determined by number of apprenticeship hours worked.
Students who are at least 16 years old may enter a Registered Pre-Apprenticeship Program with approval from the principal. Candidates are interviewed and selected by Maine Career Center staff to participate in the program. Acceptance into the program is based on academic and attendance records. Students are interviewed by the Career Center Pre-Apprenticeship Advisor. Students must have a job and an employer who is willing to become the student's sponsor.
Students work up to 20 hours per week or a minimum of 250 hours for the duration of their program participation. Successful completion may lead to acceptance into the post-secondary Registered Apprentice program. Program details may be obtained through the MVHS Career Center, or the Career Center in Rockland (State of Maine approved job training advisors for Pre Apprenticeship.



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This course is held at Medomak Valley High School .