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Work Study Experience: The Work Experience is a cooperative agreement between student, parents, guardian, school staff, and employer. Students who are at least sixteen years old and wish to receive credit for occupational training and experience on the job may enroll. Students must have a job upon entering the program and an application to the program is required. Work experience must be paid and should average 10 hours per week. Students will be monitored through the MCST School-to-Career coordinator at Oceanside HS. Work experience provides students with the opportunity to adapt to the demands of the real world of work, balance their responsibilities, and develop job skills.

Independent Work Study for Self Employed Students: The semester prior to the participating in the program, a conference must be scheduled by the student and parent(s)/guardian with the Principal, Assistant Principal, School Counselor, School-to-Career Coordinator, and any other involved staff member. The student will maintain a daily log of time, duty, and transactions while meeting in a timely fashion with the School-to-Career Coordinator.  The student will include this information along with other required information in a portfolio and submit it at the end of each semester.



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This course is held at Oceanside High School East .