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Design/Tech includes the courses Graphic Design, Interactive Media Design, Video & Audio Production and 2D/3D Animation. Students may choose a generalist path, in which they take one or more of these classes for a semester or a specialist path in which they take one class for 1-2 years. Certifications may require a 1 or 2 year commitment. Any course in Design/Tech will place an equal emphasis on design and the technical proficiency required to execute that design. To support this, students will work on real-world rather than hypothetical projects; honing their skills while dealing with real clients and real deadlines. Students will be expected to develop sound business practices and build their portfolio by submitting to local and national competitions. Using this, students will have the opportunity to prepare either for joining a design firm, starting a business of their own, or pursuing post-secondary education. To facilitate this, the culminating project for specializing students will be a portfolio review, in which local business owners and college representatives will be present to interview the student.




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