J C Bakley

J C Bakley

Social Studies Instructor

JC has been working in education since 2011 and employed by Mid-Coast School of Technology since 2014. His responsibilities include teaching US History I and II, World History and Senior Social Studies at MCST.

Working with students as a Social Studies instructor has been a passion and a career-long goal for JC. He looks forward to incorporating world, national and Maine history into the curriculum. JC has completed his Social Studies coursework through the University of Maine system and has earned a Bachelors of Arts degree in Business Administration from Lynchburg College. He holds certifications in Social Studies, Career and Technical Education and Business Education.

When not at school, JC continues to operate an organic tree farm. He holds accreditation from the New England Organic Farming Association. JC is also involved in running The Brightstar Project, which is an education, based program presented to high school students focusing upon individual choices while illustrating how one persons choices do not just affect themselves. The program has been offered to schools since 2011.