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The Certified Nursing Assistant course is a one-year program, which upon completion enables the student to sit for Maine CNA certification.  The class consists of two-to-three days of academic study and two-to-three days of clinical practice in local nursing facilities.  Upon completion of the program and placement on the Maine State Certified Nursing Assistant Registry, the student will be able to work in a variety of health care settings.  The CNA course also offers a solid foundation for further education in the health care field.

Pre-requisite: Students must be 17 years of age before May of the school year in which the class is taken.


Maine State Board of Nursing CNA Certificate


Projects: Students will present a project on medical career exploration during the first semester and a project on a medical condition during second semester. Each project will include a two page paper, poster and oral class presentation.

Students will read one article a week and answer ten to fifteen questions demonstrating understanding of article content.

Technology: Students will demonstrate the use of computers for research on medical conditions, vocabulary and current health issues.

Career Prep: Students will complete a personal statement, resume and cover letter for their professional portfolio.

Professional Attributes: Students will be evaluated on professional attire, professional behavior, honest, good attendance on field trips.

A unit exam will be given after completion of each unit. Students should also expect mid-term and final exams.

Clinical Experience:  Students will spend a minimum of 90 hours clinical time in local nursing facilities. That is broken down into 20 hours of skills lab and 70 hours of clinical time.



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This course is held at Mid-Coast School of Technology .