Hospitality (Culinary Arts and Baking & Pastry)

The chef-based portion of the program is designed to prepare those students who wish to enter the competitive field of professional cooking.  In addition, there is a commercial baking aspect of this program for those students who have an interest in commerical baking and pastry arts . The program is an overview of the basics in baking and culinary techniques, such as measurement, following formulas, understanding nutrition, and a variety of  baking and pastry preparations. The emphasis will be on proper safety and sanitation in the foodservice industry.

The national ServSafe exam will be given in the second semester of the program as a nationally recognized standard of food safety.  Upon passing the ServSafe exam the student will receive a certificate of completion that is good for five years that qualifies them as a safe food handler.

The field of Culinary Arts is going through a rebirth period that has contributed to heavy growth and new and exciting job opportunities within the restaurant and hospitality field.  Secondary education opportunities for chefs are at an all time high and are very accessible for all students.  Local, national, and global statistics for growth within the field of culinary arts are all above the average for growth in all employment sectors.