Horticulture – Islesboro

The horticulture classes on Islesboro offer a diversity of experiences. Students learn basic and advanced gardening skills, plant propagation including grafting and seed starting. Students start and plant most or all of our vegetable and lettuces, prune the fruit trees at school and in the community. The students supply the school cafeteria with food from the gardens, as well as sell produce at a summer farmer’s market, a lot of time is spent outdoors. One focus of the horticulture program is the island-wide inventory of fruit trees through which students are learning to utilize geographic positioning systems and geographic information systems to map and gather other data for a database that will allow us to locate varieties that ought to be saved through grafting or other means. Students are also engaged, in collaboration with other classes, in gathering the stories island residents have about agriculture in general and fruit trees in particular on Islesboro. This will become an historical ethnographic archive that will, we believe, enrich both our school community and the island in general.┬áThe horticulture program at Islesboro Central School has two operating greenhouses and is in the process of developing a fruit orchard.