Medical Science

The Medical Science for Health Occupations course is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare field.  The course integrates anatomy and physiology and advanced biology and explores the role of ethics.  This “hands on” applied course consists of career exploration, integrated research projects, field trips to medical facilities and skills lab.  This program prepares students for careers or post-secondary programs related to the healthcare field. 

Biology is a prerequisite for this class.

  • Students will cover a variety of medical conditions related to the Anatomy and Physiology they are learning as well as the treatment and prevention of those conditions.
  • Students will take a number of field trips to local medical facilities including various departments at the hospital in order to explore medical careers available.
  • Students will work in teams of two to complete a body outline, on paper,  that will include the anatomy of  body systems studied.
  • Students will complete and present a Medical Career Exploration Project during the first semester and a Medical Condition Project during the second semester.
  • Students will have the opportunity to obtain 3 dual enrollment college credits for Medical Terminology from Central Maine Community College.
  • Students will have the opportunity to obtain 6 articulation agreement college credits from Beal College for Anatomy and Physiology and Medical Terminology
  • Students will have the opportunity to obtain 3 articulation agreement college credits from Southern Maine Community College for Medical Terminology